Simulator Familiarization Session

The Simulator Familiarization session allows teams to learn about the simulators that they will be using during Competition Day. On Friday, January 11th, 2019, the NSC committee will be holding two 1-hour familiarization sessions from 530pm-730pm at the Centre for Marine Simulation, Marine Institute.

These concurrent sessions will be focused on the following simulators:

Ballast Control Simulator (Main floor – CMS)

Full Mission Bridge Simulator (Bottom floor – CMS)

Offshore Operations Simulator (Main floor – CMS)

Dynamic Positioning Simulator (Bottom floor – CMS)


Signs will be posted giving directions. If you cannot find the simulator, please ask someone! These sessions are for you to prepare your team for the competition. Be strategic on how you divide up your team members to attend one of the four sessions. Take notes, take pictures, ask questions!

Just show up at a simulator room and be ready for a 530pm start. Sessions will repeat again at 630pm.