Are you up for the challenge?

Put your nautical skills to the test! Dock a vessel in 20 knot winds, encode and decode messages using signal flags, or transport cargo on a semi-sub platform to an offshore oil field. The Master Mariners of Canada NL Division and the Fisheries and Marine Institute will provide you the mentoring and the simulators to complete 7 challenging exercises. On February 9-10, 2024, will you be the most organized and skilled to win the cash prize and get your team name on the Captain Jim Thorpe Plaque?

We’ll be the judge of that!

Who is the competition for?
The Nautical Skills Competition is for all Nautical Science students registered at the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University. Whether you are in your 1st year or entering your final semester, you can be a part of this fun, friendly and challenging competition.
How do I register?
NSC 2024 is being held February 9-10, 2024. Registration is complete for this year’s event. Contact the NSC Coordinator should you have any questions.
Online Application
Nautical Skills Competition Teams
NSC teams are randomly selected and include students from all class levels. Your first job is to get to know your team members and assign the right tasks to the people who demonstrate the appropriate skill sets. 
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