Competition Rules

1. General Rules

  • Each team will be required to compete in 6 different exercises, which comprise the following marine-related areas:
    • Seamanship
    • Emergency Management
    • Shiphandling/Navigation
    • Emergency Towing
    • Dynamic Positioning
    • Search and Rescue
  • Only four members of your team can participate in any one exercise
  • A 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year student must participate in every exercise
  • Every team member must participate in at least one exercise
  • 1-2 minute safety moment is required at the start of every exercise
    • Each safety moment must be applicable to the exercise in which you are competing
    • Every team member must participate in at least one safety moment
  • The exercise begins after completion of the safety moment; teams have 45 minutes to complete the task(s)
  • TEAM NAMES – if you create a team name please email it, along with your team number to

2. Briefing Night (March 18th, 2022)

  • Registration and debrief @ 1700 in Cafeteria (food provided)
  • NEW teambuilding exercise @ 1800 in the MI gymnasium
  • Exercise briefing @ 1930 @ Simulator/Exercise stations
    • Exercise leads will brief you to the equipment to be used in the exercise
    • 1 hour concurrent session only
  • For safety protocols only 2 members of your team can attend any one session
  • Students are allowed to take notes and bring them into the competition exercises
  • Briefing night ends @ 2030

3. Competition Day (March 19th, 2022)

  • 6 Exercises – See schedule
  • 0800 start
  • Lunch will be provided @ 1200 for participants and volunteers in Cafeteria
  • 1700 finish
  • 1830 Reception (Cafeteria)
  • 1930 Gala Awards Dinner (Cafeteria)