Policies and Regulations

Team Composition

A minimum of 4 participants per team is required, and a maximum of 8 participants per team is permitted.

There is a maximum total of 64 candidates able to participate in the competition due to resource limitations. Candidates that are not selected for a team will be placed on a waiting list. Applicants on the waiting list can participate only if someone else drops out of the competition.

Participant Behaviour

The Master Mariners of Canada encourages a high and honourable standard of ability and professional conduct of the officers of the Canadian Merchant Service; therefore, this high standard of professional conduct is expected as part of a participant’s behaviour during the competition, as well as during the gala Awards Dinner. Any failure to abide by the rules, policies and regulations of the competition may result in the participant being denied entry to, or asked to leave, the competition, and forfeiture of awards.

Participants agree to follow any rules of behaviour as specified by the venue in which the competition is held.

Unethical and unsocial behaviour such as cheating, or aggression towards team members, other teams, judges, competition staff or sponsors will not be tolerated. Participants behaving improperly may be asked to leave the competition by Judges, Exercise Leads, Competition Coordinator or Committee Chair.